How You Can Help


Set up and decorating of trees on Friday 12/9 @ AAHS around 3:30-4pm - We could use a handful of people to help us set up and decorate our trees to be used on stage for the show. This is in the PAC at the high school in Alex.

Toy “shopping” Saturday 12/10 at Indigo Signs- We hope for around 30-40 people to fill toy bags from the request sheets from families. You get a list and have to “shop” from the various toys that are divided into age group, to fill toy requests from the families in need. This begins around 9am until finished. Children may come, but need to be supervised by a parent as they “shop”. Cardboard food boxes also can be assembled at this time.

Tear down of the trees and the stage @ AAHS following the telethon on Saturday 12/10- We can always use extra help from anyone who may be a night owl or who is out at the AAHS watching the telethon live, to help us take down ornaments/trees/stage décor following the telethon. This is usually around 10:15pm until finished. The more hands, the better! We truly appreciated the student help on this last year as well!

Food basket packaging and delivery 12/11 at Indigo Signs- This is open to the community/public beginning at 9am. We package up all the food baskets and start deliveries as they are ready. You can come to Indigo Signs in Alexandria and help with the food basket “assembly line”, do deliveries, or both! We give you instructions once you arrive that
Sunday morning. For more details on any of these opportunities, please call (320)-335-2488 or email Becky at

Thanks for your interest in being a part of this GREAT cause!


We are looking for your talent for the 2022 Jingle Bells Telethon!

You have 2 options this year to submit an audition:
1. In person at The Broadway Ballroom in Alexandria on Sunday November 6th from 1:00pm-5:00pm. ***ONE DAY ONLY IN-PERSON AUDITIONS***
2. You can submit a video audition to the Jingle Bells Foundation between now and Nov. 24th! Here are several options for how to submit your audition videos:
* Upload to YouTube and email us the link to your video
* Upload to Vimeo and email us the link to your video
* Copy your video file to a flash drive and either mail it or contact us about another way of getting it to us.
* If you use Gmail: Attach your video to an email and send it to us (Gmail will automatically put your video into google drive and send the link to it in your email)
* The Jingle Bells Foundation email is

If you have questions, you can call 320-335-2488 and leave us a voicemail.

Recording Tips:
1. Use a well-lit area to record (if possible)
2. Record in wide angle mode [ ] vs [].
3. Do your best to provide good audio.
4. Keep your talent to 3 minutes in length.
5. Have fun and don't stress about the overall quality...Although we would like great video and audio, your true talent will show through!

The 2022 Jingle Bells live telethon will be held
Saturday, December 10th at Alexandria Area High School starting at 5:00pm.
For questions, call (320) 335-2488 or visit

The proceeds of this telethon benefit those in need in Douglas County and the surrounding communities.

The proceeds of this telethon benefit those in need in Douglas County and surrounding communities.

Donate Money
It takes a lot of resources to put together food and toys for 1000 households.
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Watch the telethon and spread the word
(see where to watch the telethon)

For questions call (320) 335-2488 or email us here